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About the name of the project.
Melnar Tilromen is my pseudonym. I am a vocalist, an author of the texts and music. So in the substance this is a project of my authority and it is called with my name.

What is the real name of project’s author?
My usual real name is Dmitriy.

What is the origin of this nickname?
This nickname is left since the time I was called by this name: it was the end of 90th – beginning of 2000th years. Many people remembered me under this name and I decided not to change anything and leave all how it is. Connected radicals of Sindarin words are my nickname.

When did your project reveal itself?
I had some ready songs and met in the spring of 2002 Erve (Ekaterina). Than we decided to merge our creative efforts.

What is the type of your music?
This is an acoustic music. The genre – you can call it how you want. Acoustic rock with elements of dark-folk and folk. Some listeners told this is gothic acoustic. I for example suppose it is a blend of all these genres and call it “dark acoustic rock”. In common – it is no matter for me how to call it.
I have one more trend – the humorous one. These songs I sing alone only with a guitar. Their genre is rock-and-roll. You can listen to them in the recording “Funny songs and verses”.

Why did you decide to play acoustic music?
Because I like it. From the beginning I wanted to play such things which can be played (if you have instruments and can normally play) with a little company in the kitchen. Even when the electricity is turned off — you can play. Or, for example, in the forest.
I don’t go away from archaic, rather contrariwise. Natural instruments and sound. I suppose that in the deep of men lives love to primal drive – on genetic or some another level. To the drive of that time when our ancestors got together on the meadow with pipes, drums and tambourines – in common every nation with their instruments – and begun their dances, songs, ritual flings and so on.

How was the project developed?
I cannot say anything special about development of the project – I wrote songs and after this I and Katya thought up pipe games and rehearsed. Than were thought up games for other instruments. After this it all was recorded in an album. But do not think that I an a multiinstrumental player. Yes, I play all instruments except pipe in “The valley”, but it does not mean that I like it very much or that I can play all these instruments very well. It is one thing to learn some games and another to play all instruments well. My basic instrument is a guitar. I cannot play other instruments well. I suppose you must spend much time and efforts to learn playing even a simple instrument – like tambourine.

Are you not worry about the thing that your music can be saved from your website without any payment?
First of all music can be saved inly in mp3 or all-lossy formats. Secondly, people who save it can pay for it so much as they want (it is an opportunity to pay for it through Yandex.Money on our website). Third of all, I am not worry about it. Rather contrariwise. It is a peculiar answer to the people who make in our time a soulless commercial machine from the music. Many things in this realm are made by the one rule: “sell more”. You can turn on the TV or the radio and see this. There are eliminations but is their quantity big? Can we speak there about some innery content? But my cardinal intention is to give the audience that things, about which I want to tell them with all my heartiness. I am not worry about the fact that somebody will receive my creation without money. Surely, I will not reject money when somebody would like to donate them or buy a CD.

What following plans do you have?
Honestly, I cannot realize till the end that I have at last recorded “The Valley”. I wrote it some years and was not arranged by quality or all together. So I had to remake it. Now I have respite but I have some songs, not all of them were included into the album. I want to continue working. As a matter of fact I even have materials for more as one following album. But I don’t aim to write more and more constantly. I write when I really have something to say. If I have a moment when verses and texts cannot be written I will write music. Or I will leave this business. I want to be heartily with myself and another people. Now I want to record leftover old songs ant then try to go on a new level of my work.

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